How It Works

Complete the Free Online Exam

It's free to complete the online exam. Find out in a few minutes if you likely qualify for your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Certified Letter. The proprietary questionnaire developed allows you to quickly and easily determine if you’re a candidate for an ESA Certification Letter.

Choose to Have a Dr Review Your File

Once you complete the free online exam you can decide if you would like us to match you with a licensed Dr in your state to further review your file and give his/her final approval and authorization. If you choose to submit your results to a Doctor for review you will have your ESA Certification Letter sent directly to your email for download. Dr's are on standby and most reviews are conducted in just a few minutes.

Add Your Pet to the American Service Pets International Directory

If you choose to add your pet's profile to the American Service Pets International directory you will be sent a link along with your Certified ESA Letter via email. This link will lead you to a simple website that helps you build a pet profile in the international registry. This profile will give you as well as others the opportunity to verify your pet's letter and status at any time.