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Top 10 Benefits of Pet Therapy

October 3, 2018
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Pet Love... a Natural Therapy

Emotional support animals (ESA), can help provide comfort and relief from emotional and mental disabilities, such as depression, stress, mood disorders, anxiety, and many more. Increased awareness of these amazing benefits has led more and more people to adopt and register for their ESA letters as a way of natural therapy.

In the last few decades, most of these issues have been dealt with through prescription medications. These methods of therapy can be expensive and counterproductive in many cases, not to mention involving many health risks. At AmericanServicePets.com we want everyone suffering from these disabilities to have a natural stress-free option to get your ESA certification and letter online.

We know that the first step is the hardest, so we’ve made it as easy as possible.

What are the Benefits of Pet Therapy?

As humans, we have a pre-existing bond with animals. Owning a pet builds on this bond and can be therapeutic to those struggling with a wide range of health issues. Understanding the benefits of Pet therapy can help you realize just how important our furry friends can be.  Research has suggested that elderly individuals struggling with loneliness and depression find that interacting with their pets improve their overall health and quality of life.  Mental disabilities, such as depression and anxiety can cause a weakened immune system leading to more health problems. Pets could just be the natural remedy many people overlook.  Owning a pet can help reduce blood pressure, release endorphins creating a calming effect, and improve your overall psychological state.

Key Benefits of Pet Therapy:

  • Improves motor skills
  • Increases Interest and Reduces Depression
  • Boosts Self-esteem
  • Improves Verbal Communication
  • Improves Developing Social Skills
  • Reduces Social Anxiety
  • Improves Motivation

Other Benefits Include:

  • Increases happiness, reduces depression and improves perspective on life
  • Reduces loneliness and isolation by giving you companionship
  • Helps to calm and sooth by reducing discontent and feelings of anxiousness
  • Improves the development of empathy

At American Service Pets we believe in helping individuals in need of Pet Therapy.  By starting the process of qualifying your animal, you’ll be that much closer to reducing the worry and hassle of living and traveling with your furry companion.  We’ve made it as easy as possible to do just that.

Get Qualified with American Service Pets

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