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Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Emotional Support Dog

November 18, 2019
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Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the perfect time to be with family without forgetting your emotional support dog who’s been with you in every horrifying and wonderful experience. 

Keep in mind that overindulging in feasts can be unhealthy for people, and worse for pets.  Poultry bones can damage their digestive system, and fatty foods are difficult to digest. To keep your pooch safe, observe the following Thanksgiving Pet Safety measures: 

faviconKeep feasts strictly on the table 

faviconNo pie and desserts for your pet 

faviconNo yeast dough for your pooch 

faviconKeep trash away from pets 

faviconBe cautious with decorative plants 

Acting quickly can save lives in case of poisoning 

So, as you browse through the internet, and read through old family turkey recipes, don’t forget to grab a few for your furry buddy. 

Other than buying gifts, the best way to thank your pooch for being there for you is by filling their tummy with tasty treats that you painstakingly put together in the kitchen. 

If it slipped your mind and you want to make it up for your puppy, here are some impressive thanksgiving recipes that can work great without leaving holes in your pockets.


Roasted Turkey Medallions11 17 18

Roasted turkey is a great snack to show your dog just how much of a family member he is. The snack is simple and easy to make.  Additionally, roasted turkey is rich in nutrients. 


faviconHalf a cup of chopped carrots

faviconSix ounces of cooked turkey

faviconHalf a cup of oatmeal or quinoa (ground) 


You can save yourself a lot of time if you save a few pieces of the family turkey once it leaves the oven.

Keep the oven hot at about 400F. Blend the carrots and the turkey in a food processor until you get a smooth mixture then add the ground oatmeal or quinoa and continue blending until everything is properly mixed. 

Depending on the size of your emotional support dog or his appetite roll up the mixture into one-inch balls, place them on a non-stick cooking sheet and bake for about fifteen minutes.

This makes for a great snack for your pet packed with calories and is perfect for all healthy adult dogs.

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Simple Sorbet

If you’d rather stay away from the oven this Thanksgiving, you can still spoil your pawed-friend with well thought out dessert-like Thanksgiving recipes. The simple sorbet is one of them. It is simple, quick to make and leaves a fun, tingly feeling on your dog’s tongue.


faviconDiced blueberries, apples, carrot or banana

faviconWater (you can use meat broth for cats)

faviconIce cube tray


Once your fruit or vegetable of choice has been diced, fill the ice cube tray halfway with water and then fill the other half with the diced fruits. Freeze the mixture and serve it to your dog the following day. 

It might not be a fully-fledged meal but, it’s a great way to break from the norm and give your pet a refreshing, fun and explosive snack that they can lick on.

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Left-Over Turkey Buffet

If you would rather spoil your pet with a buffet, this recipe will save you a trip to the grocery and give you a fair chance at knocking his taste buds out.


faviconThree pounds leftover skinless turkey pieces

faviconTwo teaspoons of cranberry sauce

faviconOne cup of cooked oatmeal

faviconFour tablespoons of turkey gravy

faviconOne-pound cubed sweet potatoes

For pets that have pancreatic problems or are on a limited fat diet, you can substitute the gravy with olive oil or do away with it altogether. 



Since the turkey is left over, it is already cooked. If not, fire up the oven at 350F. Lightly oil a roasting pan to prepare the turkey. If you decide to go for a whole turkey, the cooking time should be around 2 hours. If you choose to use sweet potatoes, let the roast with the turkey for about 30 minutes. 

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Once the turkey is ready let it cool. Remove the bones and cut up the meat into large pieces. Prepare the oatmeal then mix everything together including cranberry sauce in a large bowl. 

Thanksgiving buffet is now ready for your emotional support animal to devour!

These simple and quick recipes are a great way to remind your emotional support dog how much you love and appreciate him for being by your side always.

Don’t forget to get an emotional support letter (ESA) for your Thanksgiving Pet before traveling. Need advice or have questions? Call American Service Pets at (888) 877-0019.

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