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Sully – The Most Famous Service Dog

June 1, 2020

Dogs don’t care about politics or what success you may or may not have had. Dogs just love you, without apology, regret, or remorse. An emotional support dog is a great example of what dogs are capable of accomplishing. Simply because they want nothing other than to make someone else’s life better. A great example is the story of Sully, the dog who helped President George H.W. Bush during his elderly years.

Sully’s Training

Sully was named after Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger the pilot who made national news after landing a disabled plane on the Hudson River, saving countless lives comparable to wrecking the plane anywhere else. It made perfect sense to name such a hero of a dog after a hero of a man. Sully offered emotional support and was fully trained to help President Bush with routine chores,  open and close doors, or fetch items that were difficult to obtain for someone in a wheelchair. In an emergency, Sully was trained to perform like another famous dog, Lassie, and run to get help. Dogs have a natural inclination to please their master and enjoy having such specific jobs to do, which is why they accept the training so well.



Not every support dog is as smart as Sully to fill such important roles. Dogs are also a wonderful source of emotional support. There is science backing the benefits of pet therapy and the natural calming effects a person experiences when simply petting a dog. They naturally reduce depression, calm anxiety, and improve social interactions. Unfortunately, a big source of stress consumes you when finding pet-friendly housing. Also, during travel when a pet isn’t always welcome in certain places, which brings us to the importance of  your ESA letter. 

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The ESA Letter


ESA  letters provide proper documentation of the need for an emotional support animal to improve quality of life and ensure a natural healing process for a diagnosed mental illness. The letter generally allows your pet to go places you go without running into problems. So that you can remain stronger together like Sully and H.W. Bush. 

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If you need to take your dog places with you as a form of emotional support, American Service Pets is happy to help you through the process of attaining an ESA housing letter or ESA travel letter.

The process starts with a simple online exam. It is important to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal first. Which will then take you to step two! You will have to get a local doctor that finalizes your evaluation. 

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