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Stressed Out? Cuddling a Cow Can Help

Many of us have different remedies to cope with stress and decrease anxiety. Some exercise, others mediate, some medicate, there really is no right or wrong answer for what works best for you.

That being said, there is a new trend that is sweeping rural areas of the nation, it is called “cow cuddling”. Yes, you read that right.

In upstate New York, the Mountain Horse Farm, which also serves as a Bed and Breakfast as well as a spa, is home to Bella and Bonnie, the farm’s “comfort cows”.

This practice comes from the Netherlands, as do the owners of Mountain Horse Farm. It is called “koe knuffelen”which translates into “cow hugging”, and that is exactly what you get to do on the farm.

Lay in a pasture with Bonnie and Bella and just enjoy their company or have them lay their heads on your lap to offer companionship and attention.

As silly as the whole thing sounds, the effects are extremely beneficial.After a cow cuddling session, you may feel like you just received a massage.

This is due to the fact that cuddling another living being releases chemicals in the brain to decrease stress and anxiety,relaxing the mind and body.

Cow cuddling may be a great alternative for those who are allergic to household animals like dogs or cats, and it may just be a fun outing to go visit a farm to cuddle some cows.

Either way, we’re all for it!

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