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Pets and CBD-Holistic Solutions for ESAs

July 6, 2020
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Losing an emotional support animal can be devastating. The loss is even more disastrous when your pet dies suddenly or suffers from a terminal illness out of the blue. There are approximately 183.9 million pets in the U.S., according to Animal Sheltering. Unfortunately, most pets die from preventable and treatable diseases.


Therefore, whether you’re adopting a new pet or already own a pet, the most important precaution you can take is to have a complete blood count (CBC) done. CBC can help you learn the following about your pet.

faviconImmune system (white blood cells)

faviconOxygen carrying (red blood cells)

faviconDigestive system

faviconEndocrine levels

faviconSugar levels in the blood


What is CBC?

CBC evaluates the number and type of blood cells in your dog’s blood. The test helps identify any anomalies and conditions that can worsen over time if not detected. A CBC is commonly used as a screening test for anemia, infections and other illnesses.

CBC tests involve an analysis of different cells in the dog’s blood. Blood cells react differently depending on different conditions. By analyzing the type, number, and shape of cells in the blood, a medical profile for your dog you can identify any underlying conditions. Your vet can also advise you to get CBD dog supplements for your pet.

If there are concerns, additional CBC testing like differential testing can be done. This type of test focuses on different types of white blood cells which are five in total. It helps to determine the cause of underlying illnesses and also find the proper treatment for your ESA.


When should I take my ESA for Blood Testing?

Ideally, your pet should have several blood tests done at different stages of his/her life. Identifying the right time to do the tests is critical in preventing unforeseen terminal diseases and also for planning in case any conditions are present early. The best time to have a CBC test done include;

During the first veterinary visit

If you just got your puppy, you should have a CBC done to rule out any congenital diseases. This also provides a baseline for medical histories that will be used throughout the life of the dog.

When having the dog spayed or neutered

If you’re having your dog spayed or neutered, the veterinary will ask for a CBC exam prior to administering the test. This is a pre-surgical procedure for all pets.

It is used to determine the health and performance of vital organs like the heart, kidneys, and the liver. The information obtained from the tests is important to ensure the right amount of anesthesia to the pet.

A CBC test is also critical in determining the risk level of the surgical procedure especially for injured, elderly, or infirmed dogs.

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A semi-annual wellness exam

Your emotional support animal should have a routine CBC test done once every six months. In most cases, it comes as a recommendation from your veterinary to help identify conditions that cannot be identified by a physical examination.

For older dogs, the exams and testing should be more frequent. With a less effective immunity, it is essential for conditions to be identified early and treated thoroughly. CBC tests are extremely beneficial in this aspect.

You can also have the test when applying for an emotional support letter for your pet.

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What Else Does A Blood Test Look For?

Other than scrutinizing the cells in the blood, a blood test also has other functions all of which are beneficial to your pet’s overall health and can easily improve the quality of life of your pet.

Blood chemistry profile

This is essential in evaluating the functioning of the organs like the liver and kidneys. Parameters like blood sugar and electrolytes can indicate an endocrine disorder or failing kidneys. Using these tests, such conditions can be rectified and treated before they get worse.


Heartworm Test 

During the blood test, your emotional support dog can also be tested for any evidence of Heartworm disease. It is a condition that affects dogs that are more than one year old and if not detected early, the results are catastrophic.

Taking a holistic approach to the health of your emotional support animal is critical. There is no better way to do this than to have your pet regularly get tests to rule out any life-threatening conditions and also to give you a better chance of jumping ahead of them if any are present.

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