Therapy Pig Graces San Francisco Airport

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Pigs are not flying just yet, but they’re making it easier for those who do! LiLou the five year-old pigand her owner Tatyana are bringing joy and peace to travelers at one of the nation’s busiest airports in San Francisco, California. The first the world has seen- this therapy pig is as bright as they…

Animal Cruelty is Now a Federal Felony Thanks to New Bill

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This last month has been huge for animals and animal rights advocates everywhere. While many find it unfathomable to treat animals with anything less than love and kindness, sadly there are far too many out there who are cruel to animals, and even get enjoyment out of it. Now, thanks to the Senate, it is…

Breakthrough Stem Cell Banking Could Increase Your Pet’s Lifespan

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Many of us watch the hit ABC Show Shark Tank, where start up companies pitch the “sharks” to invest in their product/service. Recently, a company caught my eye.Gallant, started by Philadelphia native Aaron Hirschhorn, is taking the same methods of stem cell banking technology and bringing it to help your four legged friends. Hirschhorn suffered…

How Much Would You Pay to Clone Your Pet?

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Losing a pet is always devastating and it feels as if we did not have enough time with them. Well, what if I told you that you can have a carbon copy clone of our pet, to have the same exact dogs, just years apart? For one Arizona family, that dream became a reality when…

Stressed Out? Cuddling a Cow Can Help

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Many of us have different remedies to cope with stress and decrease anxiety. Some exercise, others mediate, some medicate, there really is no right or wrong answer for what works best for you. That being said, there is a new trend that is sweeping rural areas of the nation, it is called “cow cuddling”. Yes,…

Meet Flirty: The Miniature Support Horse

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In the past two years, airlines have seen over a 77% increase of animals on planes,whether it is a service pet or an emotional support animal. Many of us simply assume this only means dogs and cats, so let me introduce you to Flirty, the miniature horse who can be seen at about 30,000 feet….

Finding the Right Harness for Your Service Dog

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Your service pet works hard, and he deserves to be comfortable. Every time you walk out the door, he must slide into his vest and harness, so why not make sure it feels good to wear. Types of Harnesses Shopping for a dog harness can seem overwhelming; after all there are so many styles to…

How to Avoid “Travel Hassle” when Traveling with your ESA

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DOT Update: On December 2, 2020, the Department of Transportation announced that it is​ revising rules around flying with Emotional Support Animals. Airlines will no longer be required to recognize ESAs and provide reasonable accommodation in the flight cabin and/or free of charge. However, Service Animals (including Psychiatric Services Animals), who are trained to perform specific tasks…

Our ESA Family, Cats Included

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Meet Pebbles, Rafiki and their proud pet mama, Nikki.   The two best friends that anyone could have…   These cats are just unbelievable. They are filled with love, energy and know how to make their humans laugh. Life without them is truly unimaginable. Pebbles and Rafiki are also registered Emotional Support Animals… Our very…

Emotional Support Animals Make Christmas More Merrier

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Christmas is an exciting time of the year that can be merrier when spent with an emotional support animal (ESA). The American Pet Product Association revealed that pet owners might spend approximately $70 billion dollars on their furry friends this year, most of it on gifts. Wondering why? Emotional support animals offer more than just…

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