Most Popular Dog names for 2020

Trendy dog names come and go, but according to the American Kennel Club, some of the most popular pet names for a boy dog in 2019 included Scout, Max and Diesel. For girl dogs, human names such as Emma, Bailey¬†and Lucy were popular.¬†Some pet owners decide to choose a dog name that is common for…

Orlando Airport Launches New Therapy Dog Program

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How many times have you gone through and airport and seen a police dog, sniffing bags, on duty and keeping the American public safe? For many, that number is too many to count. Well now, our furry friends are doing more for us than stopping the bad guys. The Orlando International Airport has announced that…

Delta Lifts Ban on Emotional Support Animals

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Delta Airlines has announced that they will be lifting the ban of allowing service pets on flights lasting longer than 8 hours of duration. This is a huge victory for the community who requires emotional support pets and service pets. All pets with the exception of pit bulls will be permitted to board these flights…

Professional Athletes Becoming Role Models for the ESA Community

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It is no secret that professional athletes are heroes and even idols to young kids and adults everywhere. You’ll see this in every country, every race, age group and every background; athletes are people of influence whom a large majority look up to. For decades, the issue of mental health has been taboo, especially for…

Hatty- Chicago State Attorney ESA

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In today’s day and age, we are used to seeing an endless cycle of horrific acts and indecency on the news. With so much evil and hatred in this world, it is nice and refreshing to hear a story of hope and restoration- and that is Hatty’s story. Hatty is a two year old black…

Therapy Dogs Bring Comfort at Impeachment Hearings

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Politics, as we know, can be extremely stressful. Have you ever gotten into a heated debate over political views with family? I’m sure we all have. Well, imagine then tension on Capitol Hill as the impeachment hearings on President Donald Trumpprogress. Arguably the most polarizing President in US History, Donald Trump is under fire for…

Therapy Pig Graces San Francisco Airport

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Pigs are not flying just yet, but they’re making it easier for those who do! LiLou the five year-old pigand her owner Tatyana are bringing joy and peace to travelers at one of the nation’s busiest airports in San Francisco, California. The first the world has seen- this therapy pig is as bright as they…

Animal Cruelty is Now a Federal Felony Thanks to New Bill

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This last month has been huge for animals and animal rights advocates everywhere. While many find it unfathomable to treat animals with anything less than love and kindness, sadly there are far too many out there who are cruel to animals, and even get enjoyment out of it. Now, thanks to the Senate, it is…

Breakthrough Stem Cell Banking Could Increase Your Pet’s Lifespan

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Many of us watch the hit ABC Show Shark Tank, where start up companies pitch the “sharks” to invest in their product/service. Recently, a company caught my eye.Gallant, started by Philadelphia native Aaron Hirschhorn, is taking the same methods of stem cell banking technology and bringing it to help your four legged friends. Hirschhorn suffered…

How Much Would You Pay to Clone Your Pet?

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Losing a pet is always devastating and it feels as if we did not have enough time with them. Well, what if I told you that you can have a carbon copy clone of our pet, to have the same exact dogs, just years apart? For one Arizona family, that dream became a reality when…

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