Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Emotional Support Dog

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the perfect time to be with family without forgetting your emotional support dog who’s been with you in every horrifying and wonderful experience.  Keep in mind that overindulging in feasts can be unhealthy for people, and worse for pets.  Poultry bones can damage their digestive system, and fatty…

Emotional Support Animals – Separating Fact from Fiction

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For people grappling with a disabling mental disorder, an emotional support animal (ESA) can provide healing through natural pet therapy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about emotional support dogs. So, we are here to clear some of those myths up. Fiction: They are the Same as Service Animals   Many people believe that…

The Ultimate Dog Training Guide – Start Young

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There are very few things that are as rewarding as owning a pet. Regardless of if your pet is a certified Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or just another member of the family, they bring companionship and support to our lives.  Training is essential to your pets ability to be a part of the family and…

Adopt or Buy – Pros and Cons to getting an ESA

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Whether to buy a pet from a breeder or to adopt from a shelter? This debate is ongoing and emotionally charged. Although, the stakes are even higher when you’re looking for a pet to act as an emotional support animal. With that in mind, here we have come up with some pros and cons. Further…

How Many ESAs Can I Have? As many as you need!

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Having a furry (or not so furry) animal around can provides a huge amount of comfort. Our animal companions give us unconditional love and support. They love us no matter what we do. Just having one near us, or simply sitting on our lap while we pet the. This is a terrific and effective form…

CBD Supplements For Pets – What’s the Hype

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The market for CBD continues to grow at fast growing speed. By 2020, the CBD market will hit $2.1 billion in consumer sales. Therefore, representing a 700 percent increase from 2016, according to the Hemp Business Journal.  A CBD supplement for emotional support animals can be extremely beneficial. For years, CBD oil got attention from…

Fact or Myth? Are Dogs Really Color Blind?

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A common question that many people have is whether all dogs are color blind. For many years, it was assumed that dogs could only see shades of white, black, and gray. However, Studies revealed, that dogs are able to see color. But dogs cannot see color in the same way that people do. Basics of…

Why Can’t I Feed My Pet Chocolate?

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Just like humans, dogs enjoy eating. As you may know from experience, dogs typically like to eat more than just the dog food you may give them at mealtime. Many dogs try to eat off the plates of their owners, whether it’s rice or a tasty hamburger. Generally, veterinarians will caution you about the amount…

How to Adopt an ESA

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  Adopting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are two common reasons for adopting a pet. One, adopting a pet as a new addition to your family. Two, adopting a pet to become an ESA. The two are not much different. In addition, because Emotional Support Animals…

Dogs and Rabbits: We love them all!

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We love our beloved pets…   Here at American Service Pets, we are surrounded by pet lovers. Cats, Dogs and….Rabbits. We love ’em all and want to share a little piece of our heart with our ESA family. Meet Lolo Lolo is extremely loyal and quite the dutiful senior. He loves to guard the front…

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