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Orlando Airport Launches New Therapy Dog Program

How many times have you gone through and airport and seen a police dog, sniffing bags, on duty and keeping the American public safe? For many, that number is too many to count.

Well now, our furry friends are doing more for us than stopping the bad guys.

The Orlando International Airport has announced that they are launching a brand new therapy dog program. Stating that they acknowledge that travel can be quite stressful, especially for those with anxiety or other disorders, the Orlando International Airport (MCO), will now have certified therapy dogs in the main terminal of the airport for travelers to visit.

The program will be called “MCO Paw Pilots”and will utilize certified therapy dogs screened by the Alliance of Therapy dogs and will only feature dogs who have been therapy dogs for a minimum of two years. MCO Paw Pilots gives travelers the opportunity to decompress whilst traveling, stop to receive some kisses and cuddles from these furry friends and move on with their day feeling a little lighter and brighter before boarding their flight.

Flying is one of the most common phobias in the United States, and over forty percent of the population suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder, so this program is groundbreaking for the mental health community. Not to mention, the kids will love being able to pet a puppy and you will love that your child isn’t fussy in the airport as you are trying to get your family situated.

Why stop there? Why not bring your own four-legged friend with you on your flight with you!

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