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Mardi Gras Pet Parades – Costumes and All

February 24, 2020
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Mardi Gras also referred to as Fat Tuesday, is a carnival celebration that ends the day before Ash Wednesday. Usually, the Mardi Gras carnival celebrations take place for about two weeks. Many people celebrate Mardi Gras by going to a parade. If you enjoy celebrating Mardi Gras and want to do something unique this year, you should consider going to a Mardi Gras pet parade. Here is some information about how you can prepare your emotional support animal for a pet parade for Mardi Gras.


Most Mardi Gras pet parades will require you to register your emotional support dog. Check the website or page for the pet parade you have interest  in going to and look for information about how to register. Depending on the venue, you will need to register online or in person. If you need to register in person, typically this will occur at a registration table on the day of the event. Be sure to pay attention to any deadlines for registration. Some pet parades will allow you to register any time before the event occurs while other pet parades will require that you meet a rigid deadline.

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Pet Parade Rules

Usually, pet parades have a set of rules that you need to follow. Some examples of rules that you can expect to see at a Mardi Gras pet parade are as follows:

  • All animals must be current when it comes to vaccinations.
  • Aggressive animals and female dogs that are in season are not permitted to participate.
  • All animals must kept on a leash and controlled by their owner.
  • Owners of animals must clean up after their pets.

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Most Mardi Gras pet parades have contests that you can enter. A common type of contest held at Mardi Gras pet parades is King & Queen. For this contest, a prize is awarded to the best-dressed male and female dogs. The pet owner often also gets a prize. Sometimes, the winning pet will be able to walk at the very front of the parade. Other common contests include Best Float and Best Float. At some parades, you will need to pay an additional entry fee to have your dog considered for a contest.


At most Mardi Gras pet parades, floats are welcomed and sometimes even encouraged. However, motor floats tend to be unexceptable from parades. You can create a float using anything that does not possess a motor. Some ideas include strollers, wagons, and carts. In many cases, roller blades and bicycles are prohibited, as these things can scare or hurt animals. When it comes to your float and your pet’s costume, be creative but also keep the safety of your pet in mind.

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Of course, bring beads to throw to the onlookers at the parade. Chances are, you will be able to purchase beads at the parade in bulk. However, it will likely be cheaper if you bring your own beads. You should bring at least four dozen beads to throw out. The more you bring, the better. To ensure the safety of the animals at the parade, don’t bring dog treats, trinkets, or candy.

For more information about how you can prepare your pet for a Mardi Gras pet parade, don’t hesitate to contact us here at American Service Pets. You can also reach out to us to ask about other matters related to ESAs, such as how to get an ESA letter.


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