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How To Get An ESA Letter Online

April 15, 2013
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You may be asking yourself, “how do I get an ESA letter online?”

The good news is we can help you!

First of all, getting an Emotional Support Animal letter online is easier than you may think.

So, How do you get an ESA letter online?

There are several online websites that offer a multitude of services. Some services include: evaluation, ESA doctor review and letter services for emotional support animals. The best part of these sites is because they have their own doctors on-staff! The Doctors will review your application in addition to answering questions right there for you. Finally, say you are evaluated and approved. You may then choose what kind of ESA letter you want to receive. These letters typically are all online. In contrast, there are two types of letters you can receive. One letter can  include a travel attachment, which will allow you to fly with your animal. Similarly, a housing letter can be another attachment which will help those leasing a home or apartment.

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There are important characteristics to finding the right provider. The most important  characteristic when searching for an online provider is, they must have a legal licensed professional. As a result, the professional MUST review and then approve your application. Unfortunately, there are websites that offer free ESA doctor letters. These sites can provide ESA letters that are not signed by a licensed professional. Consequently that makes those letters illegitimate.

Here at American Service Pets, we provide a legitimate ESA letter. We strive to give you the best experience possible. Our doctors are all licensed and ready to evaluate your application at anytime!

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