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How to Adopt an ESA

September 30, 2019
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Adopting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

There are two common reasons for adopting a pet. One, adopting a pet as a new addition to your family. Two, adopting a pet to become an ESA. The two are not much different. In addition, because Emotional Support Animals do not need any formal training, you are typically looking for general qualities. Remember, you want to see if they fit as your family pet. Maybe these qualities include an animal that likes to be held, one with a lot of energy or one that just wants to be by your side all the time.

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If you know you’re adopting a pet to potentially get them certified as an ESA, there are important things to remember. First, think about how this specific animal will benefit you. Also, what obstacles are you facing in life that require you to have an ESA? Remember, if you want to adopt a puppy and you are looking for a companion to assist you on airplanes, some formal training will be required later on . Likewise, this is important because you also want to ensure your pet is well behaved in a crowd. Of course training is always optional, but it may be great to consider in the future.


Above all, local animal shelters and other animal-centered nonprofits are a great way to go when considering adopting. You are rescuing an animal in need of a home and the fees are typically pretty affordable. Certainly, pet supply stores and veterinary clinics are the perfect place to visit when you want to find pets to adopt. At the very least, these places direct you to the right spot to find, and adopt a new four legged friend!

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