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How Many ESAs Can I Have? As many as you need!

October 21, 2019
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Having a furry (or not so furry) animal around can provides a huge amount of comfort. Our animal companions give us unconditional love and support. They love us no matter what we do. Just having one near us, or simply sitting on our lap while we pet the. This is a terrific and effective form of emotional support therapy. This is why there are so many people today who have emotional support animals (ESAs). The benefits are proven true!

Many people with disabilities that need emotional support animals, wonder if they can have more than one. There are some therapists who recommend more than one emotional support dog to a client or advise them to get a dog and cat ESA duo. However, what are the legalities of having more than one animal that is an ESA? Can you have more than one in your home, or bring more than one on public transportation?

Multiple ESA Housing Letters

The Americans with Disabilities Act does acknowledge that some people require more than one ESA, so legally, you can have more than one. However, the Act also notes that having more than one may present issues. Some include, bringing more than one animal onto a plane, into a restaurant, or even to live in a rented home.

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The Act does not put a limit on the number of ESAs a person can have. When it comes to bringing more than one home to live with you, though, the Fair Housing Amendments Act has something to say. It requires landlords to adjust their pet policies for people with ESAs. People with these animals must be given the same accommodations that people without pets would receive. This is when it comes to only one animal. Discrimination against someone with one animal is not allowed. When it comes to more than one animal, the landlord and tenant must be able to agree on all proposed modifications of the lease. This all happens before owner can bring their ESAs home to live there.

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In general, you must have room to adequately house all of the animals you propose to bring with you. In addition, you must also be able to financially afford to feed and otherwise care for them. The more ESAs you have, the more money you are going to spend on animal care. Because you have the animals, you must not place an unnecessary burden on your proposed landlord. Therefore, the number of animals you have must not violate any state or local laws regarding pets.

Multiple ESA Travel Letters

The same rules apply for bringing an emotional support animal or animals onto public transportation. While one animal might be fine and is usually well within your rights to bring aboard, having more than one with you must not place an unnecessary burden on the carrier or other passengers. You also have to be sure your animal has a legitimate ESA letter proving them as such. Most national and international carriers are no longer simply taking someone’s word that an animal is an ESA.

If you need multiple ESA letters for more than one animal, make sure you get them from a legitimate and recognized source. You don’t want anyone questioning your animals’ status. Contact American Service Pets today for more information on receiving one or more legitimate ESA letters.

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