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Emotional Support Animals Make Christmas More Merrier

December 16, 2019
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Christmas is an exciting time of the year that can be merrier when spent with an emotional support animal (ESA). The American Pet Product Association revealed that pet owners might spend approximately $70 billion dollars on their furry friends this year, most of it on gifts. Wondering why?

Emotional support animals offer more than just company. In fact, cat and dog owners have higher self-esteem, are more physically fit, more social, and less fearful than non-owners, says the American Psychology Association.

So, as you plan for Christmas don’t forget to involve your furry friend because emotional support animal can make your Christmas great.


Five Ways Your ESA Makes Christmas More Merry

ESAs Reduce Holiday Stress

Over 80 percent of Americans struggle with stress during holidays, including Christmas. Poorly managed stress deteriorates your health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, your ESA can ease stress. Petting animals trigger the release of oxytocin and serotonin, which are hormones responsible for making you feel good.

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ESAs Are Excellent Travel Companions

If you plan to travel this season, bring your ESA because they make great companions and travel buddies. But don’t forget to apply for emotional support letter (ESA Letter) to make your travel seamless.

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Traveling with your pet gives you the following benefits:

faviconLess worry

faviconTime to explore

faviconBeing active

faviconEngage in pet specific activities

faviconShare merry moments with your best friend

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They Make You More Active

Did you know that dog owners walk about 79 percent further every day than non-owners? If you’re tossing a ball around the living room or the backyard, you’re moving around- burning calories. That gets your heart rate up and boosts your mood. Even walking your dog two times a day is exercise enough and significantly affects your health in a positive way.

ESAs Increase Social Connections

Have you noticed that strangers are more likely to smile and say hello when you’re with your emotional support dog? And when you share your videos with your pet, people chime in immediately? Though these brief exchanges appear meaningless, they actually leave you in sync with your community and feeling less isolated.  

Emotional support animals start conversations and are great icebreakers. If you’re not much of a talker, tag along with your furry friend. They make you appear more social and open, and that can widen your social circle.  

Emotional Support Animals Brighten the Mood

If you thought petting your furry friend only benefits your pet, think again. ESA’s give you a huge psychological payback. A few minutes of petting your emotional support animal triggers the brain to release calming chemicals that can make you relaxed.

If you’re mood heads south this season, don’t lose hope. Instead, sit down, relax, and cuddle with your best friend. Within a few minutes of pet therapy, you’re back to your merry mood.

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ESAs Brings Order In The Midst of Holiday Chaos

We all know that festivities during Christmas can get out of hand, breaking usual routines. With a pet, that rarely happens. Several studies show that pets create responsible parent behaviors. As such, it helps bring discipline and routine that can save you money and overindulgence.

These mundane tasks turn to habits that bring structure to your days and you feel purposeful. And where there is a purpose, there is happiness and productivity.


They Help Develop Empathy

Pet owners are more nurturing and giving than nonowners because they know that all creatures require comfort and feel pain. Taking care of your ESA helps you develop empathy. And without saying a word, your furry friend will remind you to give to the needy during Christmas.


Christmas is a great time to celebrate. So, if you want to enjoy more, bring your furry friend. For assistance on emotional support animal letter and pet safety this season, please contact American Pet Services.

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