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Flying With Your Emotional Support Animal

September 14, 2020
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If you plan to travel with an emotional support animal (ESA), it’s important to know your right. By knowing precisely what is going to be in need of you. Being unaware about what is needed may leave you upset. Subsequently, leaving you with fees or costs. Airline carriers charge in order to travel with an animal. If you don’t already have your ESA letter, American Service Pets makes it easy!

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Below, we will cover the major airline requirements. Most importantly, so you can prepare before your flight. By taking action today, you can alleviate any possible obstacles. Therefore, to ensure a smooth flight with your furry friend.


Major Airline ESA Requirements

American Airlines ESA Letter Requirements

With American Airlines, you can be sure you will be ok. That is to say, that this company supports traveling with an emotional support animal. Most importantly, it’s necessary to have the proper documents. Above all, including an ESA letter. One that has been issued within the past year. Also, that it is from a professional that satisfies company standards. Moreover, some of these standards include, but not limited to the following below.

faviconThe mental or emotional disability must be recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

faviconDate, location, and medical license of the professional issuing the letter.

faviconPassenger must need accommodation of an emotional support animal for air travel.

If you are traveling on American Airlines, it’s vital to have your ESA letter. To clarify, have it submitted 48 hours before the flight takes off.

For more specifics on what American Airlines requires, check out their policy here!

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Delta Airlines Emotional Support Animal Guidelines

If you plan on traveling with Delta Airlines, it’s best to be ready months in advance. To travel with an emotional support animal, you should start the process early. For example, from the moment you book your seat. Unlike other airlines, Delta requires animals to stay on the floor. But, they can be next to their owner. In addition to this, animals must be well-behaved. When getting an ESA, you must follow the company’s policy. Here are a few requirements that is necessary:

faviconDate, location, and medical license of the professional issuing the letter.

faviconA recognized mental health disability.

faviconIndividual must be listed on the ESA letter.

If you have any questions regarding your ESA letter and flying with Delta, check out Delta Airline’s ESA policy here!

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Jet Blue Airlines ESA Letter Requirements

If you are planning on taking your next flight with Jet Blue, be ready! Most importantly be sure to prepare your ESA letter in advance. In other words, the company will not accept any documentation that is over a year old. It must include your confirmation number for easy access purposes. With that being said, let’s cover a few more important criteria that can be found on Jet Blue Airline’s ESA Policy:

faviconPassenger must have a documented mental disability.

faviconThe animal must be needed in order for the passenger to travel.

faviconDate, location, and medical license of the professional issuing the letter.


Flying With Southwest Airlines – ESA Letter Guidelines

If you want to fly Southwest with your ESA, it’s very important to be aware. They have their limitations and documentation requirements. As with all airlines, we recommend knowing these rules. Prior to booking your flight. Below are some of the specific Southwest policies for flying with your ESA.

faviconNo ESA can travel to Jamaica.

faviconPassenger must have a mental or emotional disability recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

faviconDate, location, and medical license of the professional issuing the letter.

For further information, you can find Southwest’s emotional support animal guidelines, here!


Traveling with an Emotional Support Animal

 It’s imperative to plan your trip in advance for passengers who are flying with an ESA. If you are missing any of the criteria discussed above, major airlines can deny travel.

Every major airline has different requirements. Making it important to become familiar with each one. This way, you know what they expect from you – and your ESA. Remember to study the policies to ensure your documentation meets the requirements. Finally, you are all set for lift-off!

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