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Delta Lifts Ban on Emotional Support Animals

Delta Airlines has announced that they will be lifting the ban of allowing service pets on flights lasting longer than 8 hours of duration.

This is a huge victory for the community who requires emotional support pets and service pets. All pets with the exception of pit bulls will be permitted to board these flights to help keep their owners calm and collected while flying.

The reason pit bulls are banned even though they account for less than five percent of the total population of dogs, is because they are still responsible for 38% of vicious dog attacks, and with the strict airline safety protocols, Delta is just not willing to take that risk with the percentage.

If you get anxiety while flying or sudden onset of panic, you are not alone. It is extremely common to undergo sudden panic when flying, especially if you do not travel often. Would you feel more comforted and calm if you were able to bring your pet onboard the flight to sit with you, cuddle you, and distract you? Sounds ideal enough, right?

If you’re thinking you need a visible disability or you need to have a dog that goes through special training, think again. Having anxiety or any other disorder, qualifies you to have an emotional support animal, and you can register your own pet. When flying with a registered support animal, airlines cannot tack on a pet fee which could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per flight.

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