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Delta Airlines Service and Support Animal Travel Truths

June 8, 2020


Delta Airlines has implemented more exciting  service and support animal policies!

Delta Airlines is a pet friendly airlines and we are proud to announce their guidelines.

Service and Support Animals

If you are or plan to fly on Delta, the airlines welcomes service and support animals in the aircraft cabin. When traveling with a service or support animal, they are more than helpful! They are there to work with you to make sure your travel day is not difficult. When you travel, you want it to go as smooth as possible.

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To travel with an emotional support or service animal, you must make sure to upload the required documentation at least 48 hours before a flight. Each passenger will be limited to one emotional support animal allowed with them. Unfortunately, they still do not accept pit bull type dogs as service or support animals on the airlines.

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Trained Service Animals

Delta recommends that all passengers traveling with a trained service animal, bring the animal’s current veterinary health form. If for some reason they ask to review the animals documents. In some cases, passengers may be asked to show the animal’s Veterinary Health Form and/or an immunization record or other proof of  current vaccination (must be within one year of the travel date). This is great to remember so you don’t have to go through the hassle. 

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Emotional Support Animals

Delta require’s documentation that is no more than a year old (prior to the first flight in the itinerary) from a certified mental health professional. I should indicate your need for an emotional support animal. In addition, a certification of the animal’s health including rabies shot verification. Documentation can be in digital copy, and have professional license number included, but not required. Download the required documentation and upload it through the Accessibility Service Request Form located in My Trips.



Inappropriate Behavior

It is obvious, that if your animal is an ESA or Service animal it should already be highly-trained. Delta will still refuse transportation of the animal if it engages in aggressive behavior such as:

  • Growling
  • Biting
  • Jumping on passengers, flight attendants or staff
  • Relieving themselves in the gate area or cabin
  • Barking excessively, not in response to a handler’s need or distress
  • Eating off seatback tray tables

If you need to take your dog places with you as a form of emotional support, American Service Pets is happy to help you through the process of obtaining an ESA housing letter or ESA travel letter.

The process starts with a simple online exam. It is important to see if you qualify for an emotional support animal first. Which will then take you to step two! You will have to get a local doctor that finalizes your evaluation. 

Register Your Pet Today

To review all Delta service and support animal policies, click here.

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