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Black Friday 2018: Best Pet Products on the Market

November 23, 2018
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If you are the proud owner of a fluffy friend, you can look to saving lots of cash during this year’s biggest annual retail events – Black Friday for a cornucopia of in-store deals and Cyber Monday where online retailers compete with jaw-dropping deals. To help keep you laser-focused on the best pet products on the market, we’ve curated this selection of trending and useful pet products.

2018’s Most Popular Pet Products

  • Emotional Support Dog Vest – you will find many choices in dog vests, but the best ones will have clear lettering identifying your dog as an E.S.A., has an adjustable girth and chest strap, is easy to get on and off, and is durable, comfortable, and has a padded interior. Consider these Top 8 Emotional Support Dog Vests 2018 Reviews.
  • Harlow Cuddle Dog Bed – So, you’ve decided to really splurge on your ESA dog or cat this year. No doubt they will love sleeping in this luxurious, handcrafted bed with Jeweled nailhead trim, Alder wood frame, and cotton/rayon upholstery. This designer-styled bed will also add to your home’s decor when not in use by your favorite furry friend. You can buy it online at Neiman Marcus for about $1500.
  • Pet ID Tags in Various Shapes and Colors – No matter what type of animal is in your life to provide ongoing emotional support, a pet ID tag that is easy to see and easy to read is a good idea. Choose tags that are made of lightweight aluminum with a stainless steel split ring for long-lasting, corrosion resistance. At hotels and airlines, a pet that is clearly identified is always appreciated by staff and other visitors.
  • Pet Carry-all Sling– Check out this inexpensive, cozy courier from Chewy.com that can be used for small dogs, cats, or other emotional support animals. The small pouch compartment allows you to be hands-free when traveling and features super-comfy, padded shoulder straps. Use the secondary pocket to carry treats, keys, cell phone, and cash.
  • Healthy Ferret Treats– If your favorite companion is a fluffy ferret, then these treats are sure to be a holiday hit for these pets with a unique digestive system. Don’t shortchange your pet ferret’s nutrition when traveling – choose treats that are meat-based, preferably freeze-dried muscle or organ meats and with limited carbohydrates such as these distributed by Doctors Foster and Smith.
  • Personalized Animal Collar– Add a special touch to your dog with a personalized ribbon-styled collar made of 100% certified recycled plastics by Harry Barker. Your pets name is brightly embroidered on a colorful Chelsea leash that is available in six colors and two different widths. 

No matter what type of pet you have to lend you emotional support within the home while traveling, or while staying at a hotel, an Emotional Support Animal Letter is the best gift you can give to both you and your beloved pet.

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