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Animal Cruelty is Now a Federal Felony Thanks to New Bill

This last month has been huge for animals and animal rights advocates everywhere. While many find it unfathomable to treat animals with anything less than love and kindness, sadly there are far too many out there who are cruel to animals, and even get enjoyment out of it.

Now, thanks to the Senate, it is going to be a Federal Felony if someone is charged with animal cruelty.The bill known as PACT or “Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture” was passed in aunanimous decision.

The decision came as an expansion of a bill passed in 2010 that has explicit limitations on what would be deemed as animal cruelty; limiting it to anything caught on video. Now, the new bill covers anything and everything that brings physical harm to an animal including: choking, beating, sexual abuse, drowning, suffocating, etc.

A big reason why this bill was passed is because of the evidence behind it. Studies have shown that people who are violent towards animals often go on to commit acts of violence towards humans as well.

Individuals who do perform acts of cruelty face serious fines and even jail time. President Trump signed the bill this Monday and animal lovers everywhere are rejoicing that justice will be served to those who have it in them to do such a thing as harm an innocent animal.

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