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Sully – The Most Famous Service Dog

Dogs don’t care about politics or what success you may or may not have had. Dogs just love you, without apology, regret, or remorse. An emotional support dog is a great example of what dogs are capable of accomplishing. Simply because they want nothing other than to make someone else’s life better. A great example…

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Breakthrough Stem Cell Banking Could Increase Your Pet’s Lifespan

Many of us watch the hit ABC Show Shark Tank, where start up companies pitch the “sharks” to invest in their product/service. Recently, a company caught my eye.Gallant, started by Philadelphia native Aaron Hirschhorn, is taking the same methods of stem cell banking technology and bringing it to help your four legged friends. Hirschhorn suffered…

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Fact or Myth? Are Dogs Really Color Blind?

A common question that many people have is whether all dogs are color blind. For many years, it was assumed that dogs could only see shades of white, black, and gray. However, Studies revealed, that dogs are able to see color. But dogs cannot see color in the same way that people do. Basics of…

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Why Can’t I Feed My Pet Chocolate?

Just like humans, dogs enjoy eating. As you may know from experience, dogs typically like to eat more than just the dog food you may give them at mealtime. Many dogs try to eat off the plates of their owners, whether it’s rice or a tasty hamburger. Generally, veterinarians will caution you about the amount…

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Feeling Blue? Four Reasons to Complement ESA Support with Teletherapy

Estimates cite, more than 44 million Americans ranging in age from youngster to seniors, suffer from some type of mental health condition. In addition, at least half of those reporting some form of depression. Unfortunately, many of those individuals must get through daily life with unmet needs concerning their mental wellness. Due to current shortages…

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A Look Inside American Service Pets

A note from our editor: It wasn’t long ago I had the privilege to meet one of our American Service Pet customers, *Sarah. I had a lot in common with Sarah, the biggest was that we had both experienced a tremendous loss in our life.  By getting the opportunity to speak with Sarah, we were…

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