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Pets and CBD-Holistic Solutions for ESAs

Losing an emotional support animal can be devastating. The loss is even more disastrous when your pet dies suddenly or suffers from a terminal illness out of the blue. There are approximately 183.9 million pets in the U.S., according to Animal Sheltering. Unfortunately, most pets die from preventable and treatable diseases. Therefore, whether you’re adopting a new…

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Holistic Pet Products to Explore

Your best friend deserves the very best in tender loving care, and what could be better than pampering your pooch with some wonderful health products? Keep reading to discover some of the products for you and your dog to explore. Pet food There are some wonderful options available when it comes to pet food. The…

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Dog Friendly Peanut Butter Recipes

You say peanut butter, we say peanut butter…. everyone is crazy about peanut butter! Did you know there is an entire day in the U.S. we dedicate to celebrating peanut butter? Yes, that’s right! National Peanut Butter day is in the month of March and what better way to celebrate than with your four legged…

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How’s Your ESA’s Dental Hygiene

Chances are, your emotional support animal is one of the most positive influences in your life. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to keep your pet in good health. While most people have no problem remembering to walk and feed their emotional support animal, many neglect to tend to the dental care…

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Finding the Right Harness for Your Service Dog

Your service pet works hard, and he deserves to be comfortable. Every time you walk out the door, he must slide into his vest and harness, so why not make sure it feels good to wear. Types of Harnesses Shopping for a dog harness can seem overwhelming; after all there are so many styles to…

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Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Emotional Support Dog

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the perfect time to be with family without forgetting your emotional support dog who’s been with you in every horrifying and wonderful experience.  Keep in mind that overindulging in feasts can be unhealthy for people, and worse for pets.  Poultry bones can damage their digestive system, and fatty…

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CBD Supplements For Pets – What’s the Hype

The market for CBD continues to grow at fast growing speed. By 2020, the CBD market will hit $2.1 billion in consumer sales. Therefore, representing a 700 percent increase from 2016, according to the Hemp Business Journal.  A CBD supplement for emotional support animals can be extremely beneficial. For years, CBD oil got attention from…

Cyber Monday
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Cyber Monday 2018: Best Pet Products Online

Cyber Monday is here! If you cower the thought of having to fight through crowds during holiday shopping, Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals online are just perfect. Nothing beats a bargain-hunt at the comfort of your home with your emotional support animal lazing away on your lap. Here is a recap of Cyber Monday on pet…

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Black Friday 2018: Best Pet Products on the Market

If you are the proud owner of an emotional support animal, you can look to saving lots of cash during this year’s biggest annual retail events – Black Friday for a cornucopia of in-store deals and Cyber Monday where online retailers compete with jaw-dropping deals. To help keep you laser-focused on the best pet products on…

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