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Where to Find Your Emotional Support Animal

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*Estimated Read Time: 7min 45 seconds. The decision to get an Emotional Support Animal is a big one! There are a LOT of questions and considerations. One of the most prominent is where you should go to find your new cat or dog. It can be tricky deciding whether to rescue locally or purchase from a breeder.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

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*Estimated read time 7 minutes, 22 seconds Have you ever experienced the joy and comfort pets bring to daily life? A few “I missed you” licks and cuddles after a long, stressful day at work can be just the thing to make it all better. Try not to smile after a greeting like that! Maybe…

How-To Guide for Registering Your Emotional Support Dog

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If you suffer from a psychological or mental condition, you can get an Emotional Support Dog (ESA). What Counts As A Mental Disability? Depression—6.9% of adults experienced depression in the past year.  Anxiety—In 2015, 18.1% had some sort of anxiety disorder. The numbers have grown since then.  Mood Disorder—9.7% of all US Adults experienced a Mood…

A Complete Guide To Getting An ESA Housing Letter For Renters

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Most landlords are not big on pets. Most of them believe that pets increase the chances of risks occurring. Maybe risks from hurt or irritated neighbors to property damage. But is it true? Let’s look at a few facts about renters with pets. 70 percent of renters own a pet. 65 percent of pet owners…

Legitimate ESA Letters: Don’t Be Fooled, Choose Wisely

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If you have a qualifying emotional or mental disorder, then you might benefit by keeping your pet by your side at all times — when you’re traveling, going to the gym, or just relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You might be wondering what kind of documentation you’ll need to have your pet…

Getting an Emotional Support Animal In Colorado

Getting an Emotional Support Animal In Colorado
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While Colorado is known for its beautiful views of mountains and flowing rivers, life can still become stressful for many individuals. This is one reason for the rise in Emotional Support Animals throughout the state. When looking into getting an Emotional Support aAnimal (ESA) in Colorado, you may be pleased to know that the ESA…

Best Dog Breeds for an Emotional Support Animal

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Congratulations! You have completed your emotional therapy process and have received your ESA letter. Now for the excitement of welcoming an emotional support animal into your home and beginning a new journey with a safe and helpful companion. What to look out for While almost any compassionate and well-mannered dog can act as an emotional…

What Every Parent Should Know about Emotional Support Animals

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An emotional support animal offers multiple benefits to children who suffer from a debilitating disorder. Possible disorders include ADHD, depression, anxiety or autism. It’s important to know how to get an ESA letter and what your options are. Below are some important points to keep in mind when choosing an emotional support animal for your…

Cyber Monday 2018: Best Pet Products Online

Cyber Monday
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Cyber Monday is here! If you cower the thought of having to fight through crowds during holiday shopping, Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals online are just perfect. Nothing beats a bargain-hunt at the comfort of your home with your emotional support animal lazing away on your lap. Here is a recap of Cyber Monday on pet…

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