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A Complete Guide To Getting An ESA Housing Letter For Renters

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Most landlords are not big on pets. Most of them believe that pets increase the chances of risks occurring. Maybe risks from hurt or irritated neighbors to property damage. But is it true? Let’s look at a few facts about renters with pets. 70 percent of renters own a pet. 65 percent of pet owners…

How ESAs Support Veterans

How ESAs Support Veterans
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As Americans, when we think of Veteran’s day, we consider it as a time to show our support to the veterans of our country. Emotional support animals are a natural therapeutic method for our veterans suffering from emotional and mental disabilities such as PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. Sometimes the challenges of past military life,…

Pets and CBD-Holistic Solutions for ESAs

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Losing an emotional support animal can be devastating. The loss is even more disastrous when your pet dies suddenly or suffers from a terminal illness out of the blue. There are approximately 183.9 million pets in the U.S., according to Animal Sheltering. Unfortunately, most pets die from preventable and treatable diseases. Therefore, whether you’re adopting a new…

What Are The Benefits of an ESA Cat?

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The number of emotional support animals continues rising tremendously. A study conducted by the University of California shows that between 2000 and 2012, the number of emotional support animals increased ten-fold. Most people don’t understand how beneficial an emotional support animal (ESA) can be. And in a nation where approximately 20 percent of the population…

Help! My ESA is Ruining My House

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Finding your emotional support dog chewing, scratching or tugging on your nice household items can be nerve-racking. These dog behaviors can prevent you from getting an emotional support letter and from renting with your ESA. Therefore, it’s important to understand the cause and find solutions.  Luckily, not all is doom and gloom. You can still get…

Thanksgiving Recipes For Your Emotional Support Dog

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Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the perfect time to be with family without forgetting your emotional support dog who’s been with you in every horrifying and wonderful experience.  Keep in mind that overindulging in feasts can be unhealthy for people, and worse for pets.  Poultry bones can damage their digestive system, and fatty…

Emotional Support Animals – Separating Fact from Fiction

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For people grappling with a disabling mental disorder, an emotional support animal (ESA) can provide healing through natural pet therapy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about emotional support dogs. So, we are here to clear some of those myths up. Fiction: They are the Same as Service Animals   Many people believe that…

CBD Supplements For Pets – What’s the Hype

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The market for CBD continues to grow at fast growing speed. By 2020, the CBD market will hit $2.1 billion in consumer sales. Therefore, representing a 700 percent increase from 2016, according to the Hemp Business Journal.  A CBD supplement for emotional support animals can be extremely beneficial. For years, CBD oil got attention from…

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