2020 - July

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How ESAs Support Veterans

As Americans, when we think of Veteran’s day, we consider it as a time to show our support to the veterans of our country. Emotional support animals are a natural therapeutic method for our veterans suffering from emotional and mental disabilities such as PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. Sometimes the challenges of past military life,…

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Getting an Emotional Support Animal In Colorado

While Colorado is known for its beautiful views of mountains and flowing rivers, life can still become stressful for many individuals. This is one reason for the rise in Emotional Support Animals throughout the state. When looking into getting an Emotional Support aAnimal (ESA) in Colorado, you may be pleased to know that the ESA…

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6 Rules You Need to Know About Emotional Support Animals

As more and more people turn to Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) for help navigating through life, questions continue to come up about if  these animals are a necessity. The truth is, life is difficult and our animals help tremendously. We know that Emotional Support Animals are a necessity. Planing on having an ESA or already have one?…

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Pets and CBD-Holistic Solutions for ESAs

Losing an emotional support animal can be devastating. The loss is even more disastrous when your pet dies suddenly or suffers from a terminal illness out of the blue. There are approximately 183.9 million pets in the U.S., according to Animal Sheltering. Unfortunately, most pets die from preventable and treatable diseases. Therefore, whether you’re adopting a new…

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