2019 - December

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Our ESA Family, Cats Included

Meet Pebbles, Rafiki and their proud pet mama, Nikki.   The two best friends that anyone could have…   These cats are just unbelievable. They are filled with love, energy and know how to make their humans laugh. Life without them is truly unimaginable. Pebbles and Rafiki are also registered Emotional Support Animals… Our very…

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Emotional Support Animals Make Christmas More Merrier

Christmas is an exciting time of the year that can be merrier when spent with an emotional support animal (ESA). The American Pet Product Association revealed that pet owners might spend approximately $70 billion dollars on their furry friends this year, most of it on gifts. Wondering why? Emotional support animals offer more than just…

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“No Go” in the Snow? How to Control Winter Weather Accidents

From Arizona to Maine, this has been an exceptionally snowy winter. All that snow has people feeling cold, but it also has many dog owners feeling a bit steamed… if you catch the drift. Let’s put it this way: when the snow piles up outside, Fido makes piles inside. It stinks when your pooch won’t go…

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How To Prevent Your Dogs From Begging

It all starts with that sad puppy look you can’t resist, so you throw your dog a small piece of meat from your dinner plate. Next comes a pitiful whine and you find yourself giving in again. Before long, what was a cute interaction becomes a full-blown begging battle.  If you are tired of the…

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