2019 - September

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How to Adopt an ESA

  Adopting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are two common reasons for adopting a pet. One, adopting a pet as a new addition to your family. Two, adopting a pet to become an ESA. The two are not much different. In addition, because Emotional Support Animals…

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Dogs and Rabbits: We love them all!

We love our beloved pets…   Here at American Service Pets, we are surrounded by pet lovers. Cats, Dogs and….Rabbits. We love ’em all and want to share a little piece of our heart with our ESA family. Meet Lolo Lolo is extremely loyal and quite the dutiful senior. He loves to guard the front…

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Preparing Your Emotional Support Animal for its First Flight

As you probably know, most airlines don’t allow passengers to fly with their pets. The main exception to this rule is if the pet is an emotional support animal (ESA). If you’re planning on bringing your ESA on a plane for the first time, you may be concerned about how the flight will go and…

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Feeling Blue? Four Reasons to Complement ESA Support with Teletherapy

Estimates cite, more than 44 million Americans ranging in age from youngster to seniors, suffer from some type of mental health condition. In addition, at least half of those reporting some form of depression. Unfortunately, many of those individuals must get through daily life with unmet needs concerning their mental wellness. Due to current shortages…

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Help! My Cat Keeps Throwing Up

Cats are such unique animals for many reasons… They delight in the physical presence of humans but also have their own mind. Cats tend to go where they want, whenever they want. Cats have a natural tendency to express deep love for their humans. This bond between cat and family can make it upsetting when…

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