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Support Animal the Easy, Legit Way.

There's a lot of mixed information and scams out there. Unfortunately, many websites claim to register your pet as a support animal but you're left with the hassle, stress, and embarrassment of being interrogated because not everyone knows how to check these registers. Some websites make you dig up proof of a disability or doctors notes. Others provide a fake cheap unrefundable $30 letter that can't be used because it's not doctor-approved or from an official organization. They'll also try to tell you that you need stuff you don't, like badges and starter kit. So don't be fooled…

We have done the research and grunt work for you.

We make it easy to complete the process legitimately. All you need is an official approval letter we can provide you with after just a few simple online questions right now—so you can have the important support of your pet—without anxiety-provoking questions.


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Stop paying $500-$1000 a year in pet
And, make sure you're
allowed to have your pet with you
wherever you choose to live.
With our letter,
the fee is waived!


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Without this letter, you end up paying about $200 each flight!* Take your pet with you with all the comfort—and none of the hassle. With this letter, bringing your pet along is completely free.* Imagine the savings.

A few things to know before getting an official approval letter for a service animal.

  • Fact
    Most people don't realize they qualify to have a service animal or emotional support animal and no longer need to see a physician to get a prescription for it.
  • Fact
    Most people don't know that federal laws trump any state laws regarding service animals.
  • Fact
    Most people don't know that by law, you are allowed to train your own emotional support or service dog.
  • Fact
    You do not need to be or look physically disabled to have an emotional support animal or service dog.
  • Fact
    Emotional support animals do not legally require specific training.
  • Fact
    Service dogs can be specially trained by their owner and do not require expensive professional training.
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  • Federal Law Prohibits Discrimination Of Breed, Size, Training Level Or Age Of Any Emotional Support Or Service Dog.

    Emotional support dogs do not have to be trained to perform any specific task. Service dogs can be trained by their owners or in any other manner the owner desires to assist them with their disability.

  • People With Service Animals Must Be Allowed Access To All Public Accommodations.

    This includes stores, malls, restaurants, hotels/resorts, airlines, cruises, taxi cabs, buses just to name a few.

  • Never Be Forced To Separate From Your Pet

    To help alleviate the debilitating symptoms of mental and emotional disabilities, we work together with Doctors across the country to help millions of Americans get approved to travel with and live with their lovable pets.

  • Proven Relief

    Studies have shown that a technique called, Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) can help calm those who suffer from anxiety, autism, self-harming behaviors and generalized stress without medication.

  • Keep Your Family Together

    If being with your pet brings a smile to your face and keeps you calm in difficult times and situations, then you should be able to take him or her with you wherever you go. With this letter, you won't be asked to leave your pet behind. Plus, can you really trust that someone will care for your pet as well as you would while you're away?

  • Protection from Unfair Fees

    These days, fees to travel with your pets* can be more expensive than the flight itself! On Jet Blue, it's $100 each way! And your pup doesn't get an extra carry-on bag for that hefty fee. American and Delta Airlines charge $200 to check a pet on board! But on select airlines, people who bring a service dog or official emotional support animal on board do not pay any extra fee. Others are doing it, you have the right too!

3 Simple Steps
to Get Started

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Step 1

Complete the Questionnaire

Just fill out a few simple questions online to see if you qualify. Our questionnaire is completely free and easy to complete. Once submitted, only then do you decide if you want to pay a small fee (which will save you major money in the long run) to have one of our certified doctors review it so you can receive the letter. Our prices are the lowest of the official letters!

Complete the Questionnaire
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Step 2

Our Doctors Review It

You don't have to do a thing. Our contracted doctors specialize in mental and emotional health and will determine if you qualify. 95% of people who apply with us get approved!

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Step 3

Get your Letter!

We will let you know as soon as you are approved via email. It is usually complete between minutes to up to 24 hours. You can choose to get an instant download, printed copy, and items such as a training manual or service vest for your companion!

Get your Letter

We can provide you with all of this and more… Your pick!

  • Certified ESA or PSA Letter from a licensed doctor
  • Keep your pet in a “No Pet Policy” Apartment/Housing
  • Save Thousands of dollars in “Pet rent” and Airline Fees*
  • 24/7 support for 365 days and Replacement Guarantee
  • Housing ESA letters (Instant Download or Hard Copy)
  • Pet Discounts & Coupons
  • Custom ESA or PSA Identification Card
  • Official Certificate of ESA Registration
  • Emotional Support Animal Owner Reference Guide
  • Psychiatric Service Animal Training Guidelines and Resources
  • Automatic Activation for Your Registration on the National ESA Directory
  • Official Support or Service Harness for Your Pet (additional fee)
  • Official Department of Transportation Downloadable Travel Form

American Service Pets is Your Best Bet
for Securing Your Pet!

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  • Same Day Approval
  • Free Pre-Screening
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Certified Doctor Review
  • Travel & Housing Compliant
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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HUD FHA Compliant

HUD FHA Compliant

We guarantee our ESA Certified Letters are US Department of Housing & Urban Development Fair Housing Act Compliant, allowing you to enjoy the protection of federal laws against discrimination. Finally, live with your ESA Certified pet hassle-free.

Airline Compliant

Airline Compliant

We guarantee our service is airline compliant. Our Doctor-Signed Certified Letters and training guidelines provide you with the requirements that make sure when you travel, you will travel hassle-free

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American Service Pets Package!

It’s your choice! Get just the basic approval letter or save BIG on packages that
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Deluxe Starter Kit
Deluxe Starter Kit
  • Both Housing & Airline Letters from a Licensed Doctor
  • Save Money on Housing & Airline Pet Fees
  • Includes Platinum Membership to Online Pet Discounts & Coupons
  • Support Replacement Guarantee 24/7, 365 days a year
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Standard Package
Standard Package
  • Certified Letter from a Licensed Doctor
  • Fly your PSA in the Airplane Cabin for Free
  • Downloadable DOT Travel Form
  • Support Replacement Guarantee 24/7, 365 days a year
Get Qualified Now!
Basic Package
Pet Policy Exemption
Basic Package
  • Certified ESA letter from a Licensed Doctor
  • Keep Pet in "No Pet Policy" Apartments/Housing
  • Save Thousands of dollars on "pet rent"
  • Support Replacement Guarantee 24/7, 365 days a year
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